Top 10 Biggest Bunnings in Sydney (2022)

As the Australian household hardware chain Bunnings continues to build bigger and more spectacular buildings, more people are asking about the biggest Bunnings in Sydney, and the rest of the country. In response to these inquiries, this article provides you with information about the top 10 biggest Bunnings in Sydney and environs. However, please note that the size of the Bunnings has nothing to do with the diversity or quality of the products that you can find in the various locations.

Bunnings will probably give you the same great deals at any of their locations; so while the big locations might be an added attraction essentially they do not differ from the smaller locations either in Sydney or anywhere else in Australia.

Top 10 Biggest Bunnings in Sydney

Bunnings At Frenchs Forest

The Bunnings Warehouse at the corner of Warringah Road and Allambie Road is the reason many people are asking questions; this massive building in Frenchs Forest will not only boost the city’s commercial activities; at an estimated building cost of 48 million dollars, it is also set to impose itself on the Sydney Skyline. The grounds span over 20,000sq m and the building itself has 3 levels; all dedicated to giving you the best hardware for your money. This facility can provide on-site parking for almost 400 cars.

The Bunnings location at Frenchs Forest is located at the corner of Warringah Road and Allambie Road.

Bunnings At Euston Road, Alexandria

The Bunnings at Euston Road, Alexandria is one of the biggest in the company’s profile. Apart from being a landmark achievement of the company; it is also one of the biggest retail establishments in the country. This store has over 45,000 home improvement products, and the car park conveniently takes 560 cars-some of the cars being parked out of sight.

The building is designed to be self-sustaining; it has the capability to retain 41,000L of rainwater in an underground tank, and it has energy-efficient lighting. This location employs over 250 people; and they include carpenters, horticulturists, plumbers, and professional salesmen who help customers make the best purchases.

The store is located at 8-40 Euston Road, Alexandria.

Bunnings At Penrith

The Bunnings at Penrith is big; it hosts all the home improvement and Do It Yourself items you can find at the other Bunnings locations we have highlighted so far. This location is also huge; many have asked if it is the biggest in the city, or in the state. The Bunnings at Penrith is not just a colossal building; it is a major contributor to the city’s economy. This location is a favorite spot for young people just about to purchase their first home; as they come in to check out various home improvement products on display.

The store at Penrith is at Wolseley Street, Penrith NSW 2750.

Bunnings At Rydalmere

The Bunnings store at Rydalmere is another one of those big imposing Bunnings stores. This building is wide rather than tall, but let us not dwell too much on its outer dimensions. The Bunnings store at Rydalmere stocks all the home improvement items that a person could need, and has a workforce of about 197 workers on hand to provide assistance in the area of plumbing, gardening, painting, wallpaper, and other interior decorations, and so on. The store also has a bigger children’s playground, a timber yard, and the whole place is fully air-conditioned.

The Bunnings at Rydalmere is located at 316 Victoria Rd, Rydalmere.

Bunnings At Carlingford

The Bunnings at Carlingford, is not as big as the ones at Alexandria or Frenchs Forest, but it certainly is big enough. Nevertheless, you can find most of the general household improvement items that are popular and that most people buy; plumbing, painting, carpentry, and so on. You can even buy laundry and kitchen equipment at the location.

However, if you want to buy something more specific, or an item that most people would not have; then it may be better to call first, before driving down to the location because some customer reviews state that this is the best thing to do. This store supports the city with hundreds of jobs, and going by internet searches it is one of the popular places where many people want to find jobs.

The Bunnings at Carlingford is located at 295 Pennant Hills Rd, Carlingford, New South Wales 2118, Australia.

Bunnings At Seven Hills

The Bunnings At Seven Hills is not the biggest Bunnings in Sydney, but it certainly is far bigger than the one in Northmead.  Here you can find all kinds of home improvement items including garden and outdoor living products at warehouse prices from quality brands. You can either shop online, or like the hundreds of people that visit daily, you can go directly to the store for a first-hand experience.

The Bunnings at Seven Hills is located at Corner Old Windsor & Abbot Roads, Seven Hills NSW 2147

Bunnings At Northmead

The Bunnings at Northmead used to be located at Parramatta, but has now relocated to Redbank Road, Northmead. This new location is almost twice as large as the previous one, and houses thousands more in household and home improvement items. You can find laundry equipment, gardening equipment, as well as do it yourself painting and household equipment.

Some people go there just to cut wood; while you can buy all shapes and sizes of timber at the location as well. This location is a popular destination; the sheer number of people trooping in daily shows that the location is more than just a store- it is also an important community centre. The store supports the city with hundreds of jobs, and even children love to come here. If you want to cut wood at this location it may be better to come on weekends.

The Bunnings at Northmead is located at 1c Redbank Road, Northmead NSW 2152.



The top 10 biggest Bunnings in Sydney are not just a collection of huge buildings; they are big because of the sheer volume of household items they stock, the number of people they attract daily, and the fact that they must have some kinds of leisure activities so as to keep the kids, and leisurely shoppers happy. Please remember that retail sales workers are hardworking people; and they deserve respect. Please talk to them with courtesy before, during and after purchases.


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