Top 10 Biggest EB Games In Sydney (2022)

EB Games is a Video Game software retailer that was established in the USA but has broken off so as to concentrate on the Australian and New Zealand markets. EB Games is successful in Australia because of the sheer passion of the people towards gaming. Remember that some of the biggest game arcades in the world are located here in Australia- and that as Australia goes, so does New Zealand.

EB Games has therefore built some huge stores across the country where it sells Video Game software and hardware from some of the world’s top makers, including Nintendo, PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. EB Games also hosts games expos where they showcase the latest games software and machines and also talk about the latest trends in gaming. With their affiliated brand Zing Pop Culture, the company’s stores are not just locations for buying video games; but places where video game enthusiasts meet, share ideas, and be immersed in their passion for video games.

Top 10 Biggest EB Games In Sydney

EB Games Store In Westfield

The EB Games Store In Westfield is perhaps the reason why you have made this search. This impressive monument to gaming is the biggest EB game in Sydney and in the whole world. This is the video games retailer’s flagship store, and it is located in Sydney, where the largest community of video game aficionados on this side of the globe is based. The store is a blend of EB Games and its sister brand Zing Pop Culture and is already a meeting point for gamers in the Westfield area, as well as surrounding places within Sydney.

The EB Games Store in Westfield boasts an impressive array of video game software and hardware from different makers well-stocked in its impressive 341m2  of floor space in Westfield. You can find some incredible bargains and markdowns, especially when there is an event going on.

The store is located in Westfield Sydney within Pitt Street Mall.

EB Games In Warringah

The EB Games Store in Warringah is not as anywhere as big as the one in Westfield, but it is still one of the biggest EB games stores in Sydney.  The store is a big enclosure that stocks a great assortment of video games from all the major manufacturers. The lounging area is spacious enough for people or couples who are not shopping in a hurry. Young video game lovers are always in and around the store as they have chosen this location for their hangout spot. The store is fully air-conditioned, and the staffs are courteous and welcoming. They are eager to help you choose a game console, and some of them can even share a few tips with you.

The EB Games Store in Warringah is big and spacious, and has all the video games regularly stocked by the company, they also have a lounging area, friendly staff, and sufficient parking space.

The store is located at Shop 243, Warringah Mall, Pittwater Road, Sydney NSW, 2100 Australia.

EB Games In Dee Why Grand

EB Games in Dee Why Grand is a huge place that stocks all the pretty video games that you want. This is the main video game dealership in Dee Why, and this is where most video game lovers in the area assemble.

The store is located at 15/15-19 Pacific Parade, Dee Why NSW 2099, Australia.

EB Games In Greenwood Plaza

EB Games in Greenwood Plaza is one of the biggest EB Games in Sydney. The store has an immense collection of video game consoles and software from the major game makers. The store is big and spacious, and even though it can get quite crowded at times, this does not affect the stores efficiency. Perhaps the biggest talking point of this store is that it has courteous staff, as online reviews will attest. Even when you come in at rush hour you will still find that they are smiling, and happy to help you reach a decision.

The EB Games Store in Greenwood is located at 36 Blue Street, North Sydney NSW 2060, Australia.

 EB Games In Nepean Village

The EB Games store in Nepean Village is nice and trendy. As one of the biggest EB Games stores in Sydney, there is a great array of video games available at the store; you can get plenty of variety across all platforms. Furthermore, there is plenty of room to move around without bumping into people or installations. The staff seem to pretty much know their way around the world of video games, and they can help you decide on what games could best suit your interests. You can also enter the loyalty scheme.

The EB Games Store in Nepean Village is located at Woodriff St, Penrith NSW 2750, Australia.

EB Games In Harbourside Shopping Centre

EB Games in Harbourside Shopping Centre is also known as the EB Games in Darling Drive, Sydney. This is one of the largest EB Games stores in the Sydney area; with a great assortment of video game consoles and software from all major makers. Furthermore, you can bump into people and start conversations about video games, and the latest trends. Some of these conversations have been known to influence purchases.

The EB Games in Harbourside is located at 231/2-10 Darling Dr, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia.

EB Games In Stockland Shellharbour Shopping Centre

The EB Games location in Shellhabour is not just a game store; it also houses their sister brand- the ZiNG Pop Culture. As you can expect; this is a big location- one of the biggest EB games in Sydney. The store has all the video games that you can expect; all the regular names are here. Furthermore, the place is big and spacious; you can walk around the store and get lost in the cheer volume of content at the location.

The EB Games in Shellharbour is located at 2528 Ground Floor, 211 Lake Entrance Rd, Shellharbour NSW 2529, Australia

EB Games In Seven Hills Plaza Shopping Centre

The EB Games store in Seven Hills Plaza Shopping Centre is one of the biggest attractions to the shopping centre. This store has the latest range of new and preowned games for Nintendo, Xbox, Playstation, and PC. You can get all the software and hardware to turn your home into a gaming paradise. People of all ages converge here to feast their eyes on the latest trends in video games, and also to hang out and share ideas.

The EB Games in Shellharbour is located at 224 Prospect Hwy, Seven Hills NSW 2147, Australia.

EB Games In Rouse Hill Town Centre

The EB Games in Rouse Hill Town Centre is a modestly sized location, but still stocks a great deal of the games that you could be looking out for; Xbox, PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo are some of the brands you can find here. The location stocks both software and hardware.

The EB Games in Rouse Hill Town Centre is located at Windsor Rd & White Hart Dr, Rouse Hill NSW 2155, Australia.

EB Games In Maitland Hunter Mall

The EB Games in Maitland Hunter Mall may not be the biggest store in the Sydney area, but the store is well stocked with all the old and new video game varieties from major makers such as Xbox, PC, PlayStation, and Nintendo. The staffs are knowledgeable and courteous.

The store is located at 405 High St, Maitland NSW 2320, Australia.



Video Gaming is big business, and we are just starting to see the potential of the virtual reality that is coming in the future. Video game makers such as Xbox, Playstation, Nintendo are currently separated companies running their businesses individually, but in the near future, we could see them becoming interwoven as virtual reality becomes bigger and better. From what we can see at the biggest EB Games in Sydney, sales are already synchronized, and even more, is expected soon.

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