Top 10 Biggest Events In Sydney (2022)

The biggest events in Sydney are a reflection of the rich cultural history and the unique identity of the city’s residents. Sydney is a coastal city with a beautiful blend of different age groups, who have different passions, and who have vastly different ways of expressing themselves. One thing that people often forget when discussing cultural events is that they are often inspired by people’s interests, or by some noteworthy happening. Cultural events are activities that arise spontaneously, and then become popular because they are embraced.

Future generations do not always have all the details about how these events came to be; for most people, they are just caught up in all the fun and action that they could not be bothered by the historical significance of the events. Nevertheless, from fairly recent to old events, Sydney has a host of cultural events to keep you occupied, regardless of age or any other demographics.

Top 10 Biggest Events In Sydney

Sydney Festival

The Sydney Festival is a big deal in Sydney. It happens in January every year and lasts for about 3 weeks. That is 3 weeks of organized merrymaking including; musicals, concerts, theatre plays, exhibitions, artistic workshops, live performances, etc. The Sydney Festival is a great opportunity for budding artists to break out into the scene, and to gain some attention for their work. Of course, you will need to purchase tickets in order to attend many of the events, but the vast array of talent on display makes it truly worth the money.

Australia Day

The Festivities continue with Australia day which is held on the 26th of January every year. This is perhaps the biggest event in Sydney, one that is celebrated throughout the country. In Sydney, the Australia day celebration may collide with the city’s flagship event, but that does not take away anything from either celebration; the people simply take a break from the Sydney Festival and celebrate Australia Day. After that, they just go back to the Sydney Festival celebrations and continue to enjoy themselves. On the evening of January 26, you can join the celebration in Darling Harbour to watch the fireworks and live music.

Australia Day is done in memory of the landing of the First Fleet from Great Britain. The celebration is not just about merrymaking; it is an opportunity for introspection. This is a time for Australians to come together to look at what is going well in the country; and what is not working out well. People look at past achievements and future prospects.

Mardi Gras

Mardi Gras has been an annual event since 1978, it is something to celebrate LGTBQI culture and communities. Many of the people who participate in the parade are not members of the LGBTQ community; some of them just want to be on the side that fights for social justice for the oppressed people.

Mardi Gras is one of the biggest events in Sydney; it is a colourful parade full of exciting costumes, singing, dancing, and walking- which is good for your health. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness for the LGBTQ community and help people live in harmony with them. A good place to appreciate this event is Oxford Street, where you can see participants marching. The event holds on 3 March.

City 2 Surf

City 2 Surf is one of the biggest and happiest events in Sydney; this is how people say goodbye to winter. It happens in August and is a little more than a mad dash to the beach to splash around in the waters. Well, there is also a bit of competitive sporting activities including surfing. For most people; the day starts with a 14km walk from Hyde Park in the City to Bondi Beach. People are actually encouraged to run, and some people do; however, others may be feeling a little lazy, and want to take it easy.

Night Noodle Market

The Night Noodle Market is a completely different idea altogether; this one is about food. It may be considered the biggest foodie event in Sydney and includes music, drinks, and diverse noodle delicacies- as well as other kinds of Asian food.  The event is quite well organized; food vendors have arranged installs that are spread over Hyde Park and give you the opportunity to move from stall to stall, sampling delicacies that appeal to your eyes or nose. However, drinking alcohol at the festival is prohibited.

Sydney Zombie Walk

The Sydney Zombie Walk is fast becoming one of the biggest events in Sydney. This is a Halloween-like event that happens in the last of October in Sydney. In this event people of all ages actually dress up like Zombies in movies, and walk around the city like the Zombies in the movies. It is so realistic that if there really was a zombie outbreak in the city at the time, it would be impossible to identify the Zombie Walkers from the actual Zombies. Apart from the entertainment, the event actually raises awareness and money for the Brain Foundation.

Vivid Sydney

Vivid Sydney is a joy to watch! This is the city’s Festival of Lights and resembles similar events held in places like India and Israel. During Vivid Sydney the whole city becomes a huge light show, and music and fireworks are not left out. Sailboats in the Sydney Harbour are lit up, Taronga Zoo is bespectacled with lights of different colours, Opera House is turned into a multi-coloured canvas, there is a lights show on Martin Place, lights are installed in the rocks and Campbell’s Cove.

 Sculpture By The Sea

Sculpture by the Sea is an art event that happens every year, between October and November. This event turns the coastal walk from Bondi to Tamarama into an amazing display of artistry. Sculptors line the leisure zone into a canvass of breathtaking dimensions.

This is already one of the biggest events in Sydney; the event draws in over 500,000 visitors, some of them ready to pay good money for sculptures that please them. This event has been ongoing for about 25 years, and has been a great way for budding artists to gain recognition, and for established ones to remind everyone of their quality.

 Sydney To Hobart Yacht Race

The Sydney to Hobart yacht race takes place on 26 December, and is a popular event; one that attracts people from diverse backgrounds to watch sailing teams battle for superiority. The iconic yacht race takes place on Boxing Day and starts in Sydney while ending in Hobart, Tasmania. The event is organized by the Cruising Yacht Club of Australia and the Royal Yacht Club of Tasmania and has been in existence since 1945. Even people who have never stepped on a boat find this event quite impressive.


SydNYE is short for Sydney New Year’s Eve. This is not just one of the biggest events in Sydney; it is one of the biggest and most spectacular firework shows in the whole world. Thousands of people gather around Sydney, while some sit on their rooftops, or at their open windows to behold the fireworks at the Harbour. However, in a bid to make some revenue; there are certain places where you must pay in order to enter so as to enjoy a better view of the fireworks.



There is a great cultural identity in the city of Sydney; the city gives residents much to look forward to, and be proud about. When you add this with the prosperous nature of the city, and the great economic opportunities that it offers, you can see why Sydney is a great place to live and work. If you ever visit this city please try to time your visit to coincide with any one of the biggest events in Sydney.


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