Top 10 Biggest Gyms In Australia (2022)

The Biggest Gyms in Australia are actually enterprises that have morphed into successful mega franchises. That explains why you can see some of them having as high as 500 outlets, and staff strength of over 1500 people. As long as you live in a major city; or in a town adjoining a major city, there is a big possibility that you are only a few minutes away from a gym or two. This abundance has led to gym memberships being relatively cheap, and easily accessible to most people; regardless of financial background, or any other demographics.

The success of these gym franchises can largely be traced to the great fitness culture of the larger Australian society; Australians are active, happy people with a love for the great outdoors. It is not strange to find children enjoying athletic activities with their parents or grand-parents, and that love for the active life has taken many couples to the gym. Group registrations usually attract lower membership fees in Australian gyms.

Top 10 Biggest Gyms In Australia

1. Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is an international fitness brand headquartered in the USA. The gym franchise has 518 locations in Australia, and is continuing its expansion drive in the country, and also in 49 other countries. This brand came into Australia in 2008 and has seen a great acceptance in the market; especially in the NSW area.

A big part of its brand identity is the 24/7 gym operation that characterizes most of its locations. Anytime Fitness is controlled by the Collective Wellness Group, that produces the XTEND barre studio collection; which is a workout designed with musicals and choreography, to help users attain fitness.

2. Snap Fitness

Snap Fitness is another international brand that comes from the USA. This fitness brand was established in 2003, and landed in Australia in 2009. They have 218 locations in the country, and have received considerable patronage in the Queensland area, where about 40% of their locations are based.  Snap Fitness is the major competition to the leading fitness brand; this is without a doubt one of the biggest gyms in Australia.

It offers 24/7 gym operation in most of its locations, and the environment is always bustling.

3. Plus Fitness

Plus Fitness is an Australian brand founded in 1996, which has now become international with locations springing up in India and New Zealand. The brand has focused its local expansion efforts to the area around NSW, where around 60% of locations are. Plus Fitness has 207 locations, so if you live around New South Wales it would be difficult not to find one.

Plus Fitness offers 24/7 gym operation services; you can find time to build your body and confidence no matter how tight your routine.

4. Jetts Fitness

Jetts Fitness is another Australian brand that has become successful in the fitness industry. Jetts Fitness has about 190 locations; theirs is a remarkable story of one venture established in 2007, at Helensvale on the Gold Coast. This brand has now expanded into New Zealand, The UK, Thailand, The Netherlands and Vietnam. This is one of the biggest gyms in Australia; they have branches in almost every major city in the country, and they offer 24/7 services. Their brand offers several types of fitness instruction; including yoga, combat fitness, and so on.

5. Fernwood Fitness

Fernwood Fitness is one of the biggest gyms in Australia, especially in the narrow demographic of women’s health. This is one of the oldest and well structured gyms in Australia; it was established in 1989, and quickly became well established in the women’s fitness market. The business now has around 69 locations across Australia; and has become iconic; the go to place for women’s health and fitness. Fernwood is like a social club for fitness ladies; the business s very popular in certain circles.

6. EFM Health Clubs

EFM Health Clubs is a fitness business with a twist. Pay attention to the name and see that it does not call itself a gym; but a Health Club. They can actually be found in hospitals and schools, and they offer personalised training to help you gain or regain full fitness. This is one of the most established gyms in Australia with around 57 locations. If you are close to a big school or hospital you can make inquiries to find out whether this company has a presence there.

7. Curves

Curves is a gym that was established in America (Texas to be precise) in 1992. As you might deduce from the name, the business is designed around women. In fact, the founders designed a successful 30 minute fitness concept, which is still actively followed today.  Curves has about 56 locations in Australia, and the company also has a presence in about 59 countries.

8. Vision Personal Training

Vision Personal Training is another one of the gyms in Australia with a large number of franchise locations; and it is one that has built its business differently from other franchises. Vision Personal Training has a system in which it gives out a more personalized training to its clients. This gym has about 55 locations across Australia; and to a great deal it is quite evenly spread across the country so there is a good chance of running into one of their locations.

9. Genesis Health + Fitness

Genesis Health + Fitness is a great gym brand- it is one of the fastest growing in the country. It has about 39 locations in the country; mostly in New South Wales and Queensland. The gym works 24/7; so it is always open to anyone who wants to build that confidence and stamina, even with a full work schedule. This is one of the largest gyms in Australia; you can probably find a location near you.

10. Stepz Fitness

Steps Fitness concludes this list of the largest gyms in the Australian market with about 13 locations presently. From the name you get the idea of a bouncy and bubbly gym, full with music and other attractions. The brand has been operation for more than 12 years; you can check it out if you like to work on your fitness in what may look like a party atmosphere.



One benefit of choosing from among the biggest Gyms in Australia is that your membership may still be valid in another city; if you have to leave town for a few days. They often have generous loyalty programs and other incentives. On the social level; a top gym can be a great social hangout; a good place for you to meet people with whom to share thoughts and ideas.


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