Top 10 Biggest Hospitals In Sydney (2023)

Big hospitals tend to instill a sense of confidence in all those who visit them. It is therefore understandable that the largest hospitals in Sydney are some of the most revered and respected medical facilities in Australia, and also that there is a lot of curiosity surrounding them.  Even without the imposing structures and huge land areas; Australia is already a country with a very good standard of healthcare delivery.

Australia has some of the biggest and best routine healthcare delivery centres, as well as some of the best trauma centres for emergency care to accident victims. Australia’s medical competence is no doubt a major contributing factor to the country’s life expectancy which is very high, especially when you consider the fact that Australians are very adventurous people who love the active life which may be considered high risk.

Technological innovations to help medical personnel save lives are constantly being developed, and the country is a destination for some of the best minds in the industry to come for research, and to sharpen their skills.

Top 10 Biggest Hospitals In Sydney

Royal Prince Alfred Hospital

The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital is a large public hospital in Sydney, Australia. This hospital was founded in 1882, and has since grown to become one of the foremost hospitals in Sydney, and the whole of Australia.

The hospital is located on Missenden Road in Camperdown, Sydney, and is a 911 bed facility encompassing all kinds of medical services:  including trauma, burns, chronic ailment, and regular health maintenance services. The hospital works hand in hand with the University of Sydney which is very close; it is the main hospital of the Central Clinical School of the Sydney Medical School.

St Vincent’s Public Hospital

St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney is a hospital and research facility located in Darlinghurst, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. This is one of the biggest hospitals in Australia; it has 402 beds. The hospital was initially established as a charity organization in 1857 by 5 Irish sisters called the Sisters Of Charity.

Their aim was to provide healthcare delivery to poor and disadvantaged people. Since then the hospital has grown in leaps and bounds; not just has it become bigger on the inside; it has also grown to become one of the most important trauma centres in Sydney, Australia.  It is also a hub for medical research; it is operated by St Vincent’s Health Australia.

The Prince Of Wales Hospital

The Prince Of Wales Hospital is one of the biggest hospitals in Sydney, with 440 beds. The hospital is located in Randwick; on the eastern side of Sydney, and provides a full range of hospital services to the people of New South Wales. This hospital has a strong affiliation with the University of New South Wales; especially in the area of training doctors and other hospital staffs.

The Prince of Wales Hospital is a public hospital that also has shares its space with Randwick Hospitals, and the Royal Hospital for Women as well as the Sydney Children’s Hospital. On the same grounds is the Prince of Wales Private Hospital.

North Shore Specialist Day Hospital

North Shore Specialist Day Hospital is a private hospital; one of Sydney’s biggest and most prestigious. The hospital is a leading two-theatre day hospital focused on patient care and surgical excellence. The hospital packs all the modern facilities, and has a strong network. The hospital is located along Pacific Hwy, Greenwich NSW 2065, Australia.

Calvary Mater Hospital

Calvary Mater Newcastle public hospital in Waratah, NSW, is a public health care delivery institution located in Waratah, NSW 2298, Australia. This is one of the foremost hospitals in the Sydney area; and one of the most innovative. This is the major cancer care centre for the Hunter New England Local Health District; and it handles most of the medical services in the area.

Some of the main services of this hospital include Emergency services, extensive Palliative Care, Mental Health, and Breasts screening. The hospital offers 24 hour services.

Sydney Eye Hospital

Sydney Hospital the biggest eye hospital in Sydney and the whole country. It is a major healthcare delivery facility that traces its history back to 1788. It has been on its present location since 1811, and has since come to specialize in eye care. The hospital has about 113 inpatient beds, and about 400 staff members.

The hospital is located on Macquarie Street in the Sydney central business district, and it is the oldest hospital in Australia. This hospital is where patients who need intensive treatment on the eyes are mostly referred, although there is also a 6 bed emergency unit.

St Luke’s Hospital

St Luke’s Hospital is a private hospital located at Potts Point, New South Wales. The hospital offers a vast range of healthcare services, including elderly care like dementia, arthritis, and so on. They also treat Gynaecology and Orthopaedic issues, as well as Colonoscopy, Bowel Cancer Screening, and Minimally Invasive Colorectal Surgery.

This is one of the finest hospitals in Sydney, and one of the foremost private health care facilities.

Gordon Private Hospital

Gordon Private Hospital is a private hospital located at Pacific Hwy, Gordon NSW 2072, Australia. This is one of the country’s top hospitals, especially in the area of mental health, where it is probably number one in the country. The hospital has 57 beds, and is a teaching hospital affiliated with University of New South Wales. This is the go to hospital for patients in need of mental treatment, including post traumatic stress disorder, and depression.

Bloomfield Hospital

Bloomfield Hospital is an iconic hospital for the treatment of mental issues. It was also called the Orange Mental Hospital, and was built between 1923 and 1931. The hospital is now used for training of mental health doctors and other personnel.



The list of the biggest hospitals in Sydney is long and extensive, and one cannot but notice the historical significance of some of these medical establishments. There is very good synergy between the public and private arms of the health sector; and the oldest hospitals have been so well maintained that they even rival the new generation ones in the area of technology adoption. The healthcare system is one of the things that makes Australia great.


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