Top 10 Biggest Shopping Centres In Sydney (2022)

The biggest shopping centres in Sydney are located a short distance away from each other; making the central business area a big shopping zone. One could hardly cover all these huge shopping malls- and the smaller ones in a single day; reflective of the sheer depth of the retail market in Sydney. Australians are spoilt for choice when it comes to quality goods at affordable rates, and this is one of the good things about having a free market economy.

While there are many shops, department stores, and retailers scattered all over the city of Sydney, these are the biggest by size.

Top 10 Biggest Shopping Centres In Sydney

1. Westfield

Westfield Shopping Centre is a large modern building. This is perhaps the biggest shopping mall in Sydney, Australia, and one of the biggest monuments in Sydney’s modern era. The retail sales area within the shopping mall is 91,699 m2, and that houses about 288 stores and services, in 6 floors of the business area. The huge parking area can take about 172 vehicles, and it is also wide enough to take all the pedestrian traffic.

The architecture of the Westfield Shopping Centre is remarkable; the criss-cross design on the exterior gives the impression of some kind of futuristic event centre. This is no doubt one of the major attractions to the centre; many people would sure want to see what this impressive structure actually looks like in person. It has a huge rectangle shaped interior, and a modern looking gallery including stores on every side.  The huge clock on the far side, and the lights give the impression of being in a city within a city.

Westfield Shopping Centre is located at Market Street, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

2. Queen Victoria Building

The Queen Victoria Building looks like a medieval castle times past. This huge edifice has already been listed as a heritage site, even though it continues to be one of the most important retail centres in the whole of Sydney. This is without a doubt one of the biggest shopping centres in Sydney; by sheer size, foot traffic, and volume of trade.

The Queen Victoria Building has been under the control of the city government for a long time, it functions as both a retail centre and a tourist attraction; the roman styled building with a dome on top is one of the reasons why tourists come to Sydney.

Queen Victoria Building is located 455 George St, Sydney NSW 2000, Australia.

3. The Strand Arcade

The Strand Arcade is an important commercial avenue in Sydney, Australia. This is one of the largest shopping malls in the Sydney area; it has three storeys on the main gallery, and five storey connections at both street fronts.

The Strand Arcade is like a medieval palace this is a huge edifice that is reminiscent of Buckingham Palace in London, or some other royal residence. Of course the purpose would be lost without the outer wings of the building, which help identify it as a shopping centre. On the wings you will find the window displays of several stores on the inside of the shopping centre.

The Strand Arcade is located at 195-197 Pitt Street, Sydney central business district, City of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

4. Berry Square

Berry Square is a very popular shopping centre in Sydney, Australia; it houses some of the biggest stores in many different markets. This place was formerly known as North Sydney Shopping World.

Berry Square is a very modern concept. This is a square shaped shopping centre with a fresh metallic shine about it. Approaching this building, it is difficult to mistake it for something else; the various stores display their wares through the glass in an inviting manner, and making the products accessible to all who happen to be passing by.

Berry Square is located at 77 Berry St, North Sydney, NSW 2060, Australia.

5. MidCity Shopping Centre

Midcity is one of the biggest shopping centres in Sydney, Australia. It has about 9,427 m2  of dedicated business area, and 24 stores and business housed on 4 floor floors. This building was opened in 1989.

Midcity Shopping Centre is more or less gigantic glass building.  It is clearly not a mistake to allow the build it in this manner so as to create a kind of walk by scenario in which passers by a practically window shopping whether or not they know it.  This tactic has clearly worked; Midcity Shopping Centre is one of the most popular spots for shoppers- they are practically hooked in as they walk by.

Midcity City Shopping Centre is located at 197 Pitt St, Sydney NSW 2000.

6. World Square

World Square is a large shopping centre on the small hill called Brickfield Hill. World Square is as big as an entire city block, and has a shopping centre, hotels, office buildings and residential apartment towers. You can enjoy restaurants, cafes and take away shops. World Square is like a city within a city. The architectural style is modern, and the building is privately owned. From afar it looks like a just another sky scraper, but when you come closer you find what seems like a self sustaining community in Sydney.

7. Harbourside Shopping Centre

Harbourside is a shopping centre in Darling Harbour, a short walk from the Sydney Central Business District. This beautiful piece of construction work is shaped like a ship, and at least for those looking at it from the water, it could be mistaken for a cruise ship. Make no mistake however; this is one of the powerhouses of the Sydney business space- it is one of the biggest shopping centres in Sydney.

Habourside Shopping Centre has a total retail area 20,566 m2, and 1,430 parking spaces. There are 126 stores and services, all housed in 3 floors.

8. Central Park Mall

Central Park is something you just have to see. This is an amazing maze of glass is a structure built like a coming together of different buildings in different directions. The building, or rather; part of the building received an award; it is called One Central Park, and is a residential building hanging vertical gardens. The building has 30,000 specially selected plants, included art work, and pedestrian and vehicular access.

Central Park Mall has over 75,000 square metres of office and retail space.



The biggest shopping centres in Sydney make up for a part of Australia’s retail turnover. These are the major business zones where retain commerce thrives, and where people come to observe the latest trends in fashion, and other things. It is thanks to these mega business premises that retail commerce remains such a vital part of the Sydney economy.


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