Carnarvon gorge camping area carnarvon national park

Carnarvon Gorge camping area is aptly named; it’s a beautiful setting with towering sandstone outcrops and a rushing river. The park covers an area of 31,800 hectares and boasts a range of attractions, from hiking to swimming to fishing. But the best part of Carnarvon Gorge camping area is its proximity to the national park itself. This means you can enjoy the natural beauty without having to deal with crowds or holiday noise. If you’re looking for an escape from city life, Carnarvon Gorge camping area is the place for you. Read on to learn more about this hidden gem and how to get there.

What is the Carnarvon Gorge Camping Area?

The Carnarvon Gorge Camping Area is located within the boundaries of the Carnarvon National Park in Queensland, Australia. The camping area comprises a mixture of open and wooded areas with viewpoints overlooking the gorge. There are also several small walking trails that meander through the park.

The camping area can be reached via the Carnarvon Gorge Road which is accessible from the Gold Coast Highway ( exit number: 21 ). The road is unsealed and provides access to remote areas of the gorge. It is recommended that visitors take a vehicle with 4WD as there are some narrow sections and steep inclines.

There are a number of facilities available at the campground including toilets, showers, an information center, water tanks and fire pits. Some camping sites are right on the edge of the gorge while others offer great views over it. The campground opens from late November to early March each year, depending on conditions.

How to get to the Carnarvon Gorge Camping Area?

To get to the Carnarvon Gorge Camping Area, take the Mitchell Highway from Dubbo. The campground is about 9 km from the highway and can be reached by following signsposted “Carnarvon Gorge camping area”.

What are the Facilities at the Carnarvon Gorge Camping Area?

The Carnarvon Gorge Camping Area is located in the heart of the Carnarvon National Park, just minutes away from the spectacular cliffs and gorges of the park. The campground offers a range of facilities, including toilets, showers, a kitchen area with fireplaces and barbecue areas, as well as a playground and fishing pier. There are also several walking trails nearby to explore the gorge and its surrounds.

What are the Activities that can be done at the Carnarvon Gorge Camping Area?

The Carnarvon Gorge Camping Area is a great place to camp if you are looking for an outdoor adventure. There are many different activities that can be done at the camp area, such as hiking, camping, swimming, and fishing.

If you are looking for a hike, the best way to start your journey is by following the trails that lead up to the gorge. The trails can be challenging but they are definitely worth it when you see the views of the gorge from high up on the mountain.

If you want to camp at the camp area, there are several different types of campsites that you can choose from. There are also several shelters that you can use if weather conditions become bad.

Swimming in the gorge is another popular activity. The water is cold but refreshing, and there are plenty of spots where you can swim without having to worry about getting wet. In addition to swimming, there are also several places where you can fish for trout or bass.

If hiking and camping aren’t your thing, then you could always take a day trip to nearby attractions like The Wittenoom Pools or The Roebuck Pool.

What are the Costs for staying at the Carnarvon Gorge Camping Area?

The Carnarvon Gorge Camping Area is located in the heart of the Carnarvon National Park and offers stunning views of the gorge and surrounding area. The camping area has a range of sites suitable for tents, caravans and camper trailers, as well as a variety of facilities including toilets, showers, barbecue areas and a playground. There is also a store on site where visitors can purchase supplies. The campground is open from late October to early April, with shorter opening times during winter. Prices at the campground range from $14 per night for basic sites up to $26 per night for designated campsites.

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