fun things to do in victoria for couples

If you’re looking for a place to spend your Valentine’s Day, Victoria is definitely a great option. From seafood restaurants to wine tastings and more, there are plenty of things to do in this beautiful Canadian city that will make your Valentine’s Day extra special. Here are five fun things to do in Victoria for couples: 1. Take a walk on the beach: One of the best ways to start your Valentine’s Day is by spending some time on the beach. There are many beautiful stretches of beach located just minutes from Victoria, so be sure to take advantage of them! 2. Visit one of Victoria’s many wineries: Another great way to spend Valentine’s Day is by touring one of Victoria’s many wineries. Not only will you be able to enjoy some delicious wine while strolling around the vineyards, but you can also take advantage of some delicious food pairings. 3. Spend an afternoon at the aquarium: If you love animals, don’t miss out on visiting the Victoria Aquarium! It’s a great place to spend an afternoon with your partner or kids, and you can even get an ice cream afterwards!

Take a Romantic drive down the beautiful Victoria coastline

Victoria’s coastline is a stunningly romantic destination for couples seeking a relaxing getaway. From popular beaches like Goldstream and Saturna to secluded bays and pristine estuaries, there are plenty of spots to enjoy nature together without having to worry about crowds. Here are six fun things to do in Victoria for lovers:

1) Drive down the Pacific Coast Highway. This scenic route winds its way along the rugged coastline, taking in dramatic ocean views and quaint villages along the way.

2) Take a walk on Royal BC Park’s trails. This park offers plenty of trails perfect for a leisurely stroll with your partner. You can also take in some beautiful scenery while you’re there, like the impressive Rocky Mountains in the distance.

3) Grab some ice cream at one of Victoria’s charming farmers markets. This is a great place to connect with locals and find unique treats unique to this region.

4) Rent bikes and explore the city by bike. Victoria is home to many parks perfect for cycling, making it an easy way to get around town without having to worry about traffic or parking issues.

5) Visit Heirloom Gardens (or any other Botanical Garden). These gardens offer visitors an opportunity to explore beautiful landscaping and beautiful flowers up close and personal. Plus, they make great photo ops!

6) Have dinner at one of Victoria’s many acclaimed restaurants. Whether you’re looking for traditional Canadian food or something more unique

Explore the quaint town of Esquimalt

If you’re looking for a quaint town to explore in Victoria, look no further than Esquimalt. This historic community is located just south of Victoria Harbour and offers plenty of things to do for couples.

One of the best ways to get around Esquimalt is on foot – the town is small enough that you can easily walk from one end to the other. If you want to take a break from walking, there are plenty of places to enjoy a romantic meal or drink in the town square.

Esquimalt isn’t just about shopping though – there are also plenty of interesting sights and sounds to be found here. Take a stroll along the waterfront and see the quaint houses lining the shoreline, or wander down by the harbour and check out the boats in port.

If you’d rather stay indoors, there are plenty of museums and galleries in Esquimalt that will interest both kids and grown-ups alike. And if you want some fun action on your doorstep, visit Royal Canadian Navy Base Esquimalt for a day of navy training or amusement park activities like laser tag.

Take in a performance at the Royal Theatre Victoria

Looking for something fun to do on your next date night in Victoria? Check out a performance at the Royal Theatre Victoria! From ballet to opera, there’s something for everyone at this beautiful venue. Plus, it’s always a special treat to catch a show in such an historic setting.

Enjoy a delicious picnic in one of Victoria’s many parklands

Victoria is a beautiful city with plenty to do for couples. If you’re looking for something to do on a sunny day, take a picnic and enjoy one of Victoria’s many parklands. You can find great spots like the Esplanade of the Great Lakes or Lambton Park. Just be sure to pack your food and drinks, because there’s no need to fight traffic to get there!

Catch a show at The Broad Stage Theatre

Looking for fun things to do in Victoria with your partner? The Broad Stage Theatre is a great place to catch a show! has an extensive list of events happening at the theatre, and they are always updating it so be sure to check back often!

Some of the other events happening at The Broad Stage Theatre include:

-Theatre workshops for all ages
-Talks from industry professionals
-Special performances by local theatre companies

Explore the villages and towns of Victoria

When planning your trip to Victoria, don’t forget to check out the villages and towns in the area. Here are five of our favorites:
1. Saanich: This town is home to some amazing beaches and waterfronts. There’s also plenty of shopping options and restaurants to choose from.
2. Langford: Langford is known for its wine production, and there are plenty of wineries to visit in the area. The town is also home to some great boutiques and markets as well.
3. Esquimalt: Esquimalt is a picturesque town with lots of history. It’s also known for its seafood, which you can enjoy at local restaurants or at the harborfront docks.
4. Metchosin: Metchosin is a popular surfing destination, and it has a lot of interesting shops and cafes along its main street. You can also explore nearby hiking trails or cycle through the lakeside communities.
5. Oak Bay: This small town has an intimate feel thanks to its charming streets and Victorian architecture. There’s also plenty of activities on offer, including sailing, golfing, whale watching, fishing, theatre, art galleries and more!

Go dancing at a local club

If you’re looking for an fun couples activity to do in Victoria, go dancing! There are plenty of local clubs that offer great dancing and entertainment. Plus, it’s a great way to get your blood pumping and release some energy – perfect for when the weather starts to cool off!

Here are 5 great dance clubs in Victoria to check out:

1. The Chelsea Ballroom: This vintage-styled club is perfect for ballroom fans of all levels of experience. They have a wide range of dances available, from classic waltzes to contemporary ballroom moves. If you’re looking for something extra special, they also offer private dances.

2. The Bluebird Café: This café-style club is perfect if you want something laid back and low-key. They’ve got a variety of music genres available, from salsa to oldies ballroom. The décor is simple but chic, making it the perfect place to take your date on a romantic date night out.

3. The Loft: This multi-level club has a very intimate vibe – perfect if you’re looking for some private time with your partner. It’s mostly popular with singles looking for a night out on the town together, but families can also enjoy themselves here too. They have a wide range of dances available, from salsa to swing dancing.

4. Quadra Club: If disco is more your thing than ballroom dancing, head over to Quadra Club!

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