List Of Nursing Universities In Australia (2022)

Australia is home to some of the greatest nursing schools in the world where International students from all around the world come to study nursing.

Nursing in Australia is a great profession with good development prospects and a decent salary. In Australia, you can work as a full-time or part-time nurse, depending on your choice.

However, while your level of knowledge plays a significant influence in determining whether or not you will be hired, there are a few additional considerations to keep in mind which one of which is the school you attend. 

Going to one of the best nursing schools in Australia would boost your CV and increase your chances of getting a job. However, going to a school that isn’t genuine would only make employers doubt your professionalism. Hence, the school you attend is very important, and below are some of the best nursing schools in Australia.

Top Nursing Universities In Australia 

University of Technology, Sydney

The University of Technology, Sydney, is considered to be Australia’s best nursing school. It was founded in 1988 and is ranked first in Australia and seventh worldwide in the QS World University Rankings 2020. Even though the institution was founded in the 1870s, the major activity and studies did not begin until 1988.

Various research and development laboratories can be found on the university site. The classrooms are outfitted with the most up-to-date technology. UTS has 45,930 students enrolled in its nine faculties and institutions as of 2018, including 33,070 undergraduates and 12,860 postgraduates.

University of Technology, Sydney is heavily reliant on technology and has had a significant impact all around the world.

Monash University

Monash University is an Australian university based in Melbourne, Australia. It was established in 1958. It is also Victoria’s second-oldest city. It is one of Australia’s best nursing schools. Monash University has a total of four campuses around the world, one of which is in Malaysia.

Over 19,000 students are enrolled and their R&D department is well-known for its international journals.

Deakin University

Deakin University was established in 1974, and It is a government-funded university located in Burwood, Australia. The university is named after Australia’s second prime minister.

Melbourne is home to the university’s main campus. It is widely regarded as Australia’s best nursing university. The university receives $47.2 million in research grants and over 13,000 students are currently enrolled in the institution.

The institution also has a large alumni network throughout the United States.

Deakin University offers a variety of courses. The university has a total of 66,263 students enrolled. 44,324 students are enrolled in undergraduate programs, while 19,016 are in postgraduate programs, and the other students are pursuing higher research degrees.

Melbourne University

The University of Melbourne is an Australian government-funded research university located in Melbourne. It is the country’s second-oldest university, having been founded in 1853. The university is well-known for its technological research in various domains.

About 23,000 students are currently enrolled in the institution and It receives more than $20 million in research funding.

Queensland University of Technology 

The Queensland University of Technology is a public university that focuses on research. It is situated in Brisbane, one of the most beautiful cities in Australia. The Queensland University of Technology is regarded as one of Australia’s best nursing schools, with Garden Point and Kelvin Grove being the two campuses housing over 30,000 students in the institution.

It is a publicly sponsored institution that is well-known for its research. The university is one of Australia’s major universities, with a global network of 21 institutions. It is also one of the top 50 universities in the world which over 40,000 students.

Griffith University 

Griffith University is an Australian public university on the east coast formed in 1971. It is one of Australia’s best nursing schools. The university has a significant alumni network with over 15,000 students currently enrolled in the institution.

Catholic Church University

Catholic Church University is an Australian public university that has two campuses with one located in Rome. The institution is well-known for the high quality of its research and it offers a wide range of academic programs. The university campus has all of the necessary facilities and technology to handle over 10,000 students who are currently enrolled in the institution.

As a Catholic university, the institution receives financial support from major churches around the world.

University of Adelaide

Adelaide University was established in 1874 as a government university in Adelaide. The university receives more than $30 million in research and development money each year.

Over 25,000 students are currently enrolled in the institution and they have a lot of alumni in several parts of the world.

The University of Adelaide, in South Australia, has five faculties and offers over 400 undergraduate programs. The university’s research and progressive learning methodology have earned it a solid reputation among other institutions in Australia. The two most popular programs at the University of Adelaide are MSc in Computer Science and the MBA.

University of Canberra

The University of Canberra is among the top 1% of universities globally. You can pursue other degree programs in several places, including Sydney, Melbourne, Queensland, and abroad in Hong Kong, China, India, Vietnam, and Bhutan, just by using the university’s networking partners. With five faculties; Arts, Business, Law, Education, Health, and Science and Technology, the university is a home for 14,000 students.

La Trobe University

Admission to La Trobe University is available in seven academic areas. The most competitive courses in this institution include; Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, and accounting. La Trobe University is also among the world’s top 1% of universities, with a reputation for research and public outreach.

Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University provides 500 undergraduate, postgraduate, and research degrees. Sociology, Nursing, Sports, Communication & Media, and Linguistics are among Western Sydney University’s top five most competitive programs.

To be eligible for any degree as an international applicant, you must have 60 percent in CBSE/ISC or 70% in State Board. In contrast, graduate programs require a relevant bachelor’s degree and 2+ years of work experience.

University of Wollongong

According to the QS world rankings 2022, the University Of Wollongong is ranked 193. 16% of the entire student in the institution are international students from several parts of the world. It is also one of only 2% of universities globally that has been acknowledged for the quality of its graduates. This has made the university a popular choice among students looking to study in Australia.

Flinders University

Flinders University currently has a total number of 26,139 students, including 5,099 international students, making it one of Australia’s most popular higher institutions for international students.

It has six colleges that offer over 500 undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs. Flinders University opens admissions twice per year, one in February and the other in July. All programs are available for the February intake however only a few are open for mid-year admittance.

Those interested in studying in Australia should apply to Flinders University through the South Australian Tertiary Admissions Centre (SATAC).

Curtin University

Curtin University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programs in ten different academic disciplines. The university maintains a moderately competitive entrance policy, with a 50% acceptance rate.

International students make up about 25% of the entire list, and these students come from more than 100 countries throughout the world.

James Cook University

With six colleges and 32 areas of discipline, James Cook University provides 49 undergraduate and 68 postgraduate degrees. 

Admission into this university is based on academic achievement and English language proficiency. As a result, international students must maintain a minimum 94% TOEFL score, as well as in SOP and LOR.

University of South Australia

The University of South Australia is a public university with approximately 33,800 students.18% of these students are international students from all over the world, and the university offers over 200 programs for undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate levels. It has 90 exchange partners in over 24 countries, giving it a competitive advantage when it comes to studying in Australia.

Tasmanian University

The University of Tasmania, a public research university with diverse programs, is a popular choice among overseas students. It has a student population of over 29,000, with around 33% of international students traveling from all over the world to pursue higher education in Australia.

Except for the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery programs, which cost around 110 Australian dollars, the university does not charge an application fee.

International students applying to the University of Tasmania should have strong academic credentials, an IELTS score of at least 6.0, and a personal competency statement. Bachelor of Science programs cost around 105,456 AUD, BBA programs cost 96,138 AUD, and Bachelor of Arts degrees cost 99,244 AUD.

Victoria University

Victoria University is an Australian public university based in Melbourne, Victoria. The university first opened its doors in 1916 and was accredited in 1991. Over 40,000 students attend the university, with about 14,000 being International students. 

Victoria University has a large number of undergraduate, graduate, vocational, and TAFE programs to choose from.

Edith Cowan University 

Edith Cowan University is a public university that has consistently ranked among the world’s best universities.

For the 14th year in a row, the university achieved a 5 star rating in the Good Universities Guide for teaching and offering a high-quality higher education in Australia. ECU offers approximately 250 undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D., and certification courses to prospective students. With roughly 7,000 international students from over 100 countries, ECU has over 30,000 students and is one of Australia’s most culturally diverse institutions.

RMIT University 

RMIT University is the largest tertiary education institution in Australia. It has over 30,000 students, with almost a quarter of them being international students. RMIT offers over 500 undergraduate and graduate programs.

There are around 100 clubs and organizations at RMIT, including 40 RMIT Sports Clubs.

Through its four academic colleges and 15 academic schools, RMIT University educates 97,000 students from over 230 countries.

In addition, RMIT provides semester exchange programs with over 150 partner colleges in 31 locations across three continents.

Southern Queensland University 

The University of Southern Queensland is a QS Five-Star rated university for internationalization and employability.

The University of Southern Queensland has two faculties and six schools that offer over 700 courses at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral levels. Over 100 online programs are also available at the university.

University of Sunshine Coast

The University of Sunshine Coast is a public university and it has six campuses and three research institutions. With 3,089 foreign students and 540 faculty members, the University of Sunshine Coast is one of Australia’s fastest-growing, institutions. 

USC provides about 50 postgraduate degrees, including bachelor’s degrees, double degrees, honors, 12 diplomas, and three associate degrees. International candidates must apply online through the International Student Application Portal and pay a cost of 260 Australian dollars. International students applying to the University of Sunshine Coast must also submit IELTS scores of 6.0 and 6.5 for undergraduate and graduate programs, respectively.

Southern Cross University

Southern Cross University is one of the newest public universities in Australia with a total student enrolment of more than 20,000 from 60 countries. SCU offers admission to over 100 undergraduate programs, 50 postgraduate degrees, and a variety of graduate certificate and route programs. 

Agriculture and Forestry, MBA, Information System, Business Law, and Engineering Management are among the university’s top-ranked courses. Those interested in enrolling at SCU can do so using the university’s online portal and International students must share a certified copy of their academic results, relevant job experience, academic or employer references, a letter of recommendation, proof of sufficient funds, valid proof of visa, and the exam score to study in the institution.

Federation University

Federation University is one of Australia’s oldest public universities, with around 11,010 undergraduates, 5,607 graduate students, and 313 researchers. It achieved top five-star ratings in 11 of 14 areas, according to the Good Universities Guide 2021.

Federation University’s programs have a tuition fee of $30,600. International students with ith best results are eligible for a variety of scholarships, including the International Exchange Scholarship, Kiran Mazumdar-Shaw Scholarship, Australia Awards Scholarship, and others worth up to 14,000 Australian dollars.

Central Queensland University

Central Queensland University (founded in 1967) is an Australian dual-sector University in Rockhampton. It has 24 campuses around Australia and offers over 300 undergraduate and graduate degrees in health, business, education, law, psychology, and arts discipline. About 30,000 students from 70 countries attend the university.

The top programs’ tuition fees range from 13,560 to 67,050 Australian dollars, and the average cost of living each week for a student is roughly 2,100 Australian dollars.

Charles Sturt University

Charles Sturt University is one of Australia’s most prestigious public universities. It was named after Charles Napier Sturt and established in 1989. The university has campuses in Orange, Dubbo, Bathurst, Port Macquarie, Wagga Wagga, Canberra, Parramatta, and Goulburn.

Charles Sturt University received a Spotlight Award in the 2020 Global Teaching Excellence Award, recognizing it as one of the world’s greatest universities for teaching excellence.

It is an integral part of the University of Wollongong, allowing students to benefit from the same academic assistance, housing, sports, culture, and entertainment opportunities, as well as study on the same world-class campus. 

Australia Institute of Business and Technology

The Australia Institute of Business and Technology (AIBT) is a private institute that offers vocational and training programs to students all over the world. It was founded under the name AIBT Global. Over 9000 students from more than 90 countries attend the institute to pursue higher education in Australia.

Although the AIBT admissions procedure is quite easy, candidates must still have a GPA of 3.0 or higher.

University of Notre Dame

The University of Notre Dame is a private Catholic university with over 12,000 students, which 10% of them are international students.

In addition to its main campus in Fremantle, the university also owns satellite campuses in Sydney and Broome. The Institute of Health Research, Nulungu Research Institute, and the Institute for Ethics and Society are among the three research institutes spread across the campuses.

Cost of Nursing School In Australia 

When choosing to study nursing in Australia, one of the most crucial things to consider is the cost. In comparison to other top countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, Australia is another county with affordable tuition prices – but this is based on the number of units taken. 

International students pay around $20,000 per year in tuition costs on average and this fee might change based on the degree level you choose to pursue.

International students must accept and confirm that they are capable of paying the overall costs before being allowed to study. Generally, you must have at least $19,000 in your bank account to cover annual expenses, depending on the situation since most International students in Australia spend between $1,400 and $2,500 per month on average. 

This amount may fluctuate based on your lifestyle and other personal expenses. The Australian government, fortunately, permits international students to work up to 40 hours each fortnight while studying. However, before you can start earning money in your spare time, you’ll need to apply for a work permit.

Eligibility to Study Nursing in Australia

  • You must have completed high school
  • As an international student, you must have an IELTS score of at least 6.0
  • For a master’s degree, you must have a minimum of 55% in your BSc or an equivalent CGPA

Benefits Of Studying Nursing In Australia

High Chance Of Getting A Job

94% of newly graduated nurses find work in the nursing field within six months of graduation. Since nursing degrees include a variety of hospital experiences, a lot of students graduate with either two or more job offers.

Nursing Is A Rewarding Profession

Nursing is all about doing your possible best to give your patients the best care, regardless of their sickness or problem. While you are helping people, you are also getting a reward which is a fat salary. 

Nurses are one of the most paid professions not only in Australia but also across the globe.

Ability to Work From Anywhere

Nursing, unlike certain professions where you must work in a closed area (office), allows you to work from anywhere in the country, allowing you the freedom and flexibility to live and work wherever you like.

You can also utilize your nursing degree to get work in other countries. And no matter where you wish to live, there will undoubtedly be nursing opportunities.


Many people believe that nurses only work in hospitals, but this is not true, as nurses can work in a wide range of organizations.

You can pursue a career in education, management, forensic nursing, prison nursing, and a variety of other fields.

Another alternative is to get a Master’s or Ph.D., dual-qualify in multiple nursing professions, or specialize in a subject such as cardiac, cancer, or palliative care. The possibilities are limitless, as long as you’re willing to take advantage of them.

List of Additional Nursing Programs You Can Study In Australia 

  • Nursing care for cancer patients
  • Nursing in the field of mental health
  • Nurses who provide critical emergency treatment
  • Nursing in palliative care
  • Nursing care for children
  • Cardiac care nursing is a type of nursing that focuses on helping people with
  • Nursing clinical leadership



Nursing is a profession that is always growing in demand. Workers in the medical field have long been welcomed in Australia while those willing to study nursing have been in high demand. This is due to Australia’s population growth, which has more than doubled in the past decade, and as a result, there has been a shortage of experts in the healthcare industry. 

With this rising demand, Nursing has grown to become one of the professions that offer you jobs almost immediately after graduation, and we’ve explained the best Nursing Schools in Australia and the programs you can go for.