Requirements For Studying Nursing In Australia For International Students (2022)

Nursing is one of the most profitable professions with a huge salary. However, it involves a huge workload, as you will be required to participate in a variety of duties during the day, and even at night. As a result, proper training is required before earning a degree in this profession – hence, the need to attend a good institution.

The general requirements for studying nursing in Australia include secondary school qualification, English proficiency, NMBA English Standard, Medical Report, and a First degree in Nursing if it’s MSc.

Universities in Australia are well-equipped to provide excellent nursing programs. In the field of nursing, you can choose from a variety of disciplines to pursue your passion and this decision influence the future employment opportunities that await you in the future.

Requirements For International Students To Study Nursing In Australia

High School Result

Your high school results will be required by nursing schools in Australia if you want to enroll in a diploma, Bachelor of Nursing (BN), or Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree. Most importantly, Nursing schools in Australia place a strong focus on science subjects and maths.


Depending on the requirements given by your chosen university, you might be asked to submit an IELTS score. 

All nursing programs in Australia are taught in English. For example, all applicants to the University of Adelaide must submit their IELTS scores as part of the application process. As an international student, the language will be useful not only in the lecture room but also when engaging with other students outside of the classroom.

Medical Report

Some universities, such as Monash University, require you to take a mandatory medical test before being admitted to study nursing – as this is part of their requirements.

How To Study Nursing In Australia (Steps To Follow)

Decide the Amount You Want To Spend

Studying nursing in Australia is fun, exciting, fascinating, and at the same time expensive. So before thinking of starting the process to study nursing in Australia, you have to first consider the size of your pocket and know the amount you’re ready to spend.

Tuition rates for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees are the most expensive, but there is always something to fit everyone’s budget.

Select Several Institution 

The school you wish to go to is heavily influenced by your budget. Some institutions can be very expensive while some offer 25% off tuition fees. So before planning on studying Nursing in Australia, consider the institution of choice.

Apply to the Universities

After selecting the institutions, the next thing to do is apply to them since you don’t know the one you might be lucky to get admitted into.

Apply For Scholarships

Even though you have the financial support to sponsor yourself throughout the university, you also have to consider reducing the fees by applying for scholarships. 

Confirm Your Admission

This is without a doubt the most exciting and fulfilling step. Since you’ve passed your English test, applied, and now you’ve received word from the university – it means you’ve been accepted and have to confirm the admission.

Make Necessary Arrangements For Accommodation

Since you’ve confirmed your admission into the university, you have to start preparing and making accommodation plans.

It’s important to choose where you’ll live while in Australia because it will have a significant impact on both your finances and your experience.

Cost of Nursing School In Australia 

When choosing to study nursing in Australia, one of the most crucial things to consider is the cost. In comparison to other top countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, Australia is another county with affordable tuition prices – but this is based on the number of units taken. 

International students pay around $20,000 per year in tuition costs on average and this fee might change based on the degree level you choose to pursue.

International students must accept and confirm that they are capable of paying the overall costs before being allowed to study. Generally, you must have at least $19,000 in your bank account to cover annual expenses, depending on the situation since most International students in Australia spend between A$1,400 and A$2,500 per month on average. 

This amount may fluctuate based on your lifestyle and other personal expenses. The Australian government, fortunately, permits international students to work up to 40 hours each fortnight while studying. However, before you can start earning money in your spare time, you’ll need to apply for a work permit.



Studying nursing in Australia can be costly and demanding. But it is worth it because Australia’s educational institution encourages creativity, innovation, and independent thinking. International students who complete their degrees in Australia have an upper hand while competing in any employment environment.


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