11 Richest Women In Australia (2022)

Overall, Australia’s wealthiest person is a woman. As soon as most people make that discovery they are eager to see the richest women in Australia because they want to find out if there are more power women like that; pulling their weight and contributing their quota to the development of the Australian economy. This information is also useful because it can provide hints about how well women-specific sectors of the Australian economy are doing.

Women are central to any society; no home, community, or country can be peaceful unless they are happy. Australian women are very happy; some of them control more wealth and resources that their male counterparts; showing that Australia is a very good place for women to live and do business.

Top 10 Richest Women In Australia

1. Gina Rinehart   

Net Worth: 35 Billion (21 Billion USD)

Business Interests: Mining

Georgina Hope “Gina” Rinehart was born on February 9, 1954. She was the only child of Lang Hancock, a mining magnate. She went to a boarding school and got admitted into the University of Sydney. However, she dropped out to help her father run the business which was facing difficulties. When her father died, she inherited a bankrupt estate, and a company that was in severe financial trouble.

Gina Rinehart succeeded in turning the family fortunes around. Hancock Prospecting is now the largest private company in the whole of Australia.

2. Fiona Geminder 

Net worth: A$2.8 Billion (USD 2 Billion)

Business Interests:

Fiona Geminder is an Australian businesswoman. She is the daughter of Richard Pratt, and sister to Billionaire businessman Anthony Pratt. She is most notable for being associated with Visy and PACT Group Holdings which are paper, and glass packaging companies controlled by her brother. However, she has been a director of the Kin Group of companies since 2017. She is also very involved with the Pratt Foundation which is her family’s charity organization.

3. Heloise Pratt  

Net worth: 3.2 Billion (2.5 Billion USD)

Business Interests: Packaging/ Diversified Investments

Heloise Pratt is the sister of Anthony Pratt and Fiona Geminder. As a daughter of late Richard Pratt she is one of the richest women in Australia. Like her siblings mentioned above, she is a stake holder in the Visy Asia Pacific which is Australia’s biggest packaging company, with a business presence in the United States. She also built Thorney Investments with her now separated husband. Thorney Investments is a company with which they have invested in over 20 companies in various locations.

4. Prudence Mcleod 

Net worth: 2.7 Billion (USD 2 Billion)

Business Interests: News Media/ Entertainment

Prudence Mcleod is Rupert Murdoch’s daughter. She is not just one of the richest women in Australia; she is probably the most powerful woman in news media. She was born in Australia to Rupert Murdoch the most powerful man in the news reporting industry. She has held several senior roles in her father’s News Corporation, and right now she is a board member of Times Newspapers Ltd, a subsidiary of News Corporation.

5. Bianca Rinehart          

Net worth: 2.6 Billion (1.5 billion USD)

Business Interests: Mining

Bianca Rinehart is the eldest daughter of Gina Rinehart, the number one person in the Australian mining industry. She did not get her net-worth so easily; she had to take her mother to court to get her share of the family fortune. She won the court case and replaced her mother as a trustee of the Hope Margaret Hancock Trust, which owns about a quarter of the company. She is therefore the youngest mining magnate in Australia.

6. Ginia Rinehart             

Net worth: A$2.6 Billion (USD 2 Billion)

Business Interests: Mining

Ginia Rinehart is the youngest daughter of Australian billionaire mining magnate Gina Rinehart. Together with her siblings, she is one of the beneficiaries of the Hope Margaret Hancock Trust which owns significant shares in Hancock Prospecting. She did not join in taking her mother to court though; she is benefiting no matter who has control of the company.

7. Hope Rinehart Welker   

Net worth: A$2.6 Billion (USD 2 Billion)

Business Interests: Mining

Hope Rinehart Welker is also a daughter of Gina Rinehart, the Chairman of Hancock Prospecting. She too is a beneficiary of the Hope Margaret Hancock Trust which owns significant shares in Hancock Prospecting.

8. Gretel Packer                

Net worth: A$2.8 Billion (USD2 Billion)

Business Interests: Media Heiress

Gretel Lees Packer was born in August 1965. She is the daughter of Kerry Packer AC, a media mogul. Following the death of her father and an estimated A$1.2 billion settlement with her brother, James, she was handed control of investments in Crown Resorts, and other companies. She is very much involved in philanthropy; she is involved in so many philanthropic and charity events that are too many to mention.

9. Leonie Baldock            

Net worth: A$1.9 Billion (USD 1 billion)

Business Interests: Mining Heiress

Leonie Baldock is a granddaughter of Peter Wright- who was the business partner of Lang Hancock, father of Gina Rinehart. She has a stake in one of the mines which continues to produce iron ore in huge quantities, thus making Leonie Baldock one of the wealthiest people in the country.

10. Alexandra Burt              

Net worth: A$1.9 Billion (USD $1 billion)

Business Interests: Mining/Diversified Investments

Alexandra Burt is a mining heiress who continues to receive huge royalties for the mining interests she inherited from her father. But her business is quite well diversified; she has interests in wine, agriculture and tourism to add to her mining royalties.

11. Angela Bennett 

Net Worth: A$1.8 Billion (USD 1.3 billion)

Business Interests: Mining

Angela Bennett is another billionaire mining heiress; the daughter of the late Peter Wright, who co-founded Wright Prospecting. She has had an extensive but not always smooth relationship with Gina Rinehart; for example, she had to go to court in order for herself and her brother to get A$1 billion from Gina Rinehart who was profiting alone from the Rhodes Ridges iron ore mine 60 kilometres west of Newman in the Pilbara. In September 2012, she also sued Rinehart to recover fifty per cent of the Hope Downs mine.

Her late brother Michael Wright was also a billionaire; he owned the Voyager Estate winery in Margaret River.



The richest women in Australia are mostly from the elite mining families of the country. However, with their business activities, they continue to buoy the country’s economy with job creation. Furthermore, many of them are ardent philanthropists; giving back to the society, and ensuring that the money trickles down.


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