Short Courses That Lead To Good Jobs In Australia (2022)

Enrolling in a short course is a good idea, especially if you’re looking to get a job in less than a year. Gone are the days when you’ll need to go to high school and study for 4-6 years just go get a certificate which you’ll use to apply for a job opening.

Short courses that lead to good jobs in Australia include Data Analytics, Cyber Security, Web Development, Product Management, Nursing Assitant, Beauty Therapy Short Courses

Nowadays, there are several short courses that can land you a good and well-paying job in Australia without even leaving the comfort of your home (online course). 

List Of Short Courses That Leads To Good Jobs In Australia

Emergency Medical Technician

One of the best short courses that lead to good jobs in Australia is that of an emergency medical technician. Emergency medical technicians usually have a high school diploma, but they must also finish postsecondary education and some additional training programs, such as CPR certification.

This field keeps developing and it also gets more competitive. With more qualifications and a 6-month EMT training program, your chances of landing a decent job in emergency medical services are high.

Also, know that working as an EMT is an emotionally and physically demanding job that necessitates sensitivity and care. The majority of the workday is spent responding to and caring for injured and unwell people in emergencies.

Funeral Director

A funeral director is another short course that leads to good jobs in Australia. In some countries, it requires only a high school certificate but top countries like Australia insist on having an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in funeral service or a related field. 

To work as a funeral director in Australia, you must be licensed. The National Funeral Directors Association offers training and certification programs, and some colleges and institutions in Australia also offer in-person or online funeral director certifications to get you licensed.

Another work of a funeral director is to offer counsel to bereaved family members and assist in the planning of funeral services.

Brick Mason

Becoming a brick mason is an excellent option if you want to learn a short course that can land you a good and well-paying job within six months. To begin, brick masons must have a high school diploma or equivalent, though further apprenticeship programs and courses may be required. The Masonry Contractors Australia also offers masonry certifications (MCA). 

During the course, you’ll learn how to build walls, fences, and structures out of bricks by learning masonry techniques, construction basics, measurement calculations, safety measures, and other techniques. Reading blueprints, cleaning surfaces with power tools, acquiring materials, and moving large objects could all be part of a daily workweek.

Brick masons work long shifts in a fast-paced, physically demanding industry with a high injury rate. Physical strength, hand-to-eye coordination, and attention to precision are all important qualities you must have before going for this course.

Personal Trainer

Personal training is a lucrative profession that can be further enhanced by expanding your client base, working for a high-paying firm, or training higher-paying clients.

Many personal trainers have backgrounds in exercise science, nutrition, and other relevant subjects. However, you must be certified to teach physical fitness approaches in Australia. For personal training, there are three-month, six-month, and various short certificate courses available in Australian Institutions.

Successful personal trainers are often good-looking with a decent physique, and also keep up with fitness and nutrition trends to motivate and encourage others. Personal trainers can work in a variety of settings, including public gyms, private training facilities, clients’ homes, and virtual coaching, giving you a variety of revenue opportunities. 

Medical Coder

Medical coding is one of the most popular short courses that lead to good jobs in Australia. Healthcare organizations continue to need trained employees to translate and communicate medical content, hence, the reason why medical coders are in high demand. You’ll need a high school diploma or equivalent, as well as medical coding certification to work as a medical coder in Australia.

Medical coders write detailed records on procedures and charge insurance companies for the money owed to doctors’ offices. To learn how to use the software for this profession, you’ll need to enroll in specific training institutions in Australia.

A thorough understanding of health records, database management, and medical language is also an added advantage.


This job requires a physically intensive training program, as well as certification and short-term career training. You must obtain emergency medical services and paramedic certificates, as well as a complete fire science training certificate before you are eligible to work as a firefighter in Australia. 

You can also start with a certificate in emergency medical services or other relevant fields. After that, you can move into firefighting once you’ve earned your certificate. This will open up a plethora of opportunities for high-paying occupations in the future that simply demand a certificate.

Firefighters must have strength and stamina, as well as a working knowledge of typical field equipment like hoses and ladders. You must also be knowledgeable about emergency medical treatment and the correct handling of dangerous materials. Due to the heightened risk, firefighters who fight wildfires earn more money.

Air traffic controller

An air traffic controller is another high-paying career short course. Depending on the country you choose to work in, this profession might quickly earn over $60,000 even without a degree. However, the field is quite competitive, and prior work experience is greatly desired if you are to work in Australia. 

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) also requires air traffic controllers to undergo thorough training and testing, including health and wellness exams and mental stability examinations. 

It’s worth noting that air traffic controllers operate in high-stress environments and frequently work at nights, weekends, and even on holidays. Some of their jobs include monitoring and guiding air traffic, including arrivals and departures, as well as offering direction to pilots during in-flight emergency scenarios.

Strong organizational and critical thinking skills, as well as excellent communication skills, are required for this profession. In high-stress situations, air traffic controllers must also be able to maintain their composure and avoid panic. 

Automobile service station manager

Automobile service station manager is another short course that pays well. Although a high school diploma or equivalent is required, some companies may prefer to hire someone with a degree or certification, hence the reason you need to go for the short course.

Their job includes; setting daily gas prices, creating employee schedules, educating personnel, managing inventory, adhering to safety requirements, and managing employees.

Customer service, interpersonal, and managerial abilities, as well as some accounting knowledge, would be advantageous for this role.

Real Estate Broker

With the correct expertise and skill set, real estate brokers have the potential to make six figures yearly. A high school diploma or equivalent is all that is required to become a real estate broker, while a college degree in a related profession may be advantageous.

A few seminars and tests are required to obtain your real estate certification in Australia. Compared to a regular four-year college, the short courses and testing are far less expensive and less time-consuming.

Real estate brokers make money by selling homes and completing transaction paperwork, as well as assisting homeowners with the process. To be successful in this position, you must be able to work flexible hours and have excellent interpersonal skills.

Margin Department Supervisor

A margin department supervisor is an excellent example of a high-paying profession that can be obtained with just a six-month course. Margin department supervisors administer a company’s credit department, accept or deny credit to customers, and supervise the credit department.

Though a finance or accounting degree isn’t essential for this profession, becoming a margin department supervisor requires a fundamental awareness of the processes involved. In general, substantial training and shadowing are required to prepare for this profession. 

This profession necessitates some technical abilities, such as the ability to execute basic mathematical calculations and debt analysis. Basic accounting principles and the broad operations involved in a credit department should also be understood. If you have a degree in this field, you may be able to earn a better wage.



Short courses get right to the point, providing you with hands-on experience and practical training in your chosen industry. To learn more about and develop your talent, you can apply for a short course in your field of interest. You could also take other classes outside of your specialty to advance your academic career and discover new things.


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