Tangalooma island resort ferry terminal

When you think of a resort island, what do you imagine? Maybe white sand beaches, crystal-clear water, and stunningly beautiful scenery? Maybe swaying palm trees and gentle breezes? Tangalooma Island Resort Ferry Terminal is exactly that—a resort island. And because it’s located in the middle of Sydney Harbour, it offers travelers all the amenities they could hope for. Plus, it’s only a short ferry ride from the city center. If you’re looking for a relaxing getaway, Tangalooma Island Resort Ferry Terminal is the perfect destination for you. Check out our website today to learn more about our facilities and how to book your trip.

History of the Tangalooma Island Resort Ferry Terminal

The Tangalooma Island Resort Ferry Terminal is located on the southern end of Tangalooma Island, off the coast of Bundaberg. The terminal provides access to the island and its accommodation facilities, as well as transport to and from the Bundaberg region.

The terminal was built in 1978 by Salco Marine, who operated it until 1987. It then passed through a number of hands before being acquired by Bundaberg Regional Council in 2002. It underwent a $2 million refurbishment in 2006-2007, funded jointly by the council and the Queensland Government.

In December 2012, the terminal was sold to Tangalooma Island Resort for an undisclosed sum. The resort plans to redevelop it into a multi-purpose hub that will include accommodation, retail stores, a conference centre and a ferry terminal for connecting Tangalooma with neighbouring islands.

The Tangalooma Island Resort Ferry Terminal Today

The Tangalooma Island Resort Ferry Terminal is a popular tourist destination on the island of Tasmania. The terminal is located in the town of Kingston, which is located on the east coast of the island. The terminal provides access to the island’s many attractions, including beaches, rainforest and wildlife reserves.

The ferry terminal was built in 1979 and has been refurbished several times since then. In 2008, a new ticketing system was installed that allows passengers to buy tickets online or at the terminal. The terminal also has a shop selling souvenirs and food.

In recent years, the ferry terminal has seen an increased number of tourists due to its location close to some of Tasmania’s most popular attractions. The terminal has a capacity of 100 cars, but during peak periods it can accept up to 200 cars.

The ferry terminal transportation options

The resort has a ferry terminal that can take you to several nearby destinations. You can catch a shuttle from the terminal to the mainland or take an excursion boat to one of the nearby islands. There are also public buses that stop close by and will take you anywhere on the island.

The ferry terminal amenities

The ferry terminal is located in the town of Tangalooma on the north-east coast of Tasmania. There are regular ferries that connect Tasmania to mainland Australia, including Melbourne and Sydney. The terminal has a restaurant, cafe, shop and toilets. On the ground floor there is a car park with room for up to 100 cars.

There are also bicycle hire facilities, boat trips and whale watching available from the terminal.

The ferry terminal parking options

There are different options for parking at the Tangalooma Island Resort ferry terminal. You can either park in the lot on the mainland or take a shuttle to one of the terminals on the island. There is also a car rental option available.

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