things to do in the southern highlands

If you’re looking for a getaway this summer, the southern highlands might be a great place to start. With mountains and lakes galore, there’s plenty to do in the area. In fact, if you’re looking for ideas, we’ve got just the thing – 10 things to do in the southern highlands! Among these options are hiking trails, fishing trips, scenic drives and more. So whether you’re looking for something relaxing or active, we recommend giving the southern highlands a try this summer.


Hiking in the Southern Highlands is a great way to get away from it all and see some of Scotland’s most beautiful landscapes. There are plenty of trails available, varying in length and difficulty, perfect for everyone from beginner hikers to experienced adventurers.

Some popular hiking routes include the Munros – Scotland’s highest mountains – the Glen Coe Trail, the Cairngorms National Park, and Glen Nevis. All of these trails offer stunning views of the surrounding countryside and wildlife, as well as satisfying hikes that will leave you feeling refreshed and invigorated.


If you’re looking for an outdoor activity to do in the southern highlands, consider kayaking. There are a number of kayaking destinations in the area, each with its own unique appeal.

The Flathead National Forest is home to one of the area’s best kayaking spots: Lewis and Clark Lake. This calm, crystal-clear lake offers stunning views of the surrounding mountains. The lake is also perfect for beginners, since it’s relatively slow-moving and has a gentle current.

Another great spot for kayaking is Deer Basin Reservoir. This reservoir is situated in the Whitefish Range and boasts beautiful scenery including crystal-clear water and rocky outcroppings. There are several easy access points to the reservoir, making it perfect for beginner kayakers as well as more experienced paddlers.

If you’re looking for a more challenging experience, try paddling down Castlegar River. This fast-flowing river has plenty of Class III and IV rapids, making it a great choice for expert kayakers who want to test their skills. And if you’re feeling really adventurous, try paddling down the aptly named Blackfoot River – this treacherous stream can be difficult even for experienced kayakers!


The southern highlands region of New Zealand is a beautiful place to visit for anyone interested in fishing. The scenery is stunning, and the fishing can be very good, depending on the species of fish that are being targeted. There are plenty of lakes and streams to explore, as well as some great rivers to fish on.

One of the best places to start looking for fish is in Lake Pukaki. This lake is surrounded by mountains and has a lot of vegetation around it, which makes it an ideal place for trout fishing. There are also several other lakes in the region that offer good fishing opportunities, so it’s worth checking out different ones until you find the one that suits your needs.

Sticking to larger bodies of water won’t be a problem if you’re looking for trout, but there are also many good options for salmon and other species of salmon in rivers and streams. Anglers often use lures or flies when targeting these fish, so make sure you have everything you need before heading out into the wilds.

There are also many other things to see and do in the southern highlands region if you’re not interested in fishing. Some popular attractions include hiking trails, hot springs baths, wineries, ski resorts and more. So whatever your interests may be, there’s likely something here that will appeal to you.


Swimming in mountain lakes and rivers can be a refreshing way to spend a summer day. There are many lakes in the southern highlands, some large and others small. Some of the larger lakes include: Ruby, Humphreys, Big Thompson, Bear Lake, and Lewis and Clark. The rivers include the South Platte River, Green River, North Platte River, Blackfoot River, Missouri River, and Yellowstone River. Many of these rivers have swimming areas with beaches or riffles for kids to play in.

Other things to do in the southern highlands include hiking trails and scenic drives. Stone Canyon Scenic Drive is a 26 mile drive that goes from Evergreen to Choteau. It has beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains as well as several visitor centers with exhibits about wildlife and scenery in the area. There are also several hiking trails nearby if you want to explore on your own. Two popular trails are Cherokees Trace and Jefferson Memorial Trail which both have moderate difficulty ratings but offer beautiful scenery nonetheless.

The warm weather and stunning natural scenery make the southern highlands a great place to visit all year round. Whether you’re looking for something to do on a hot summer day or just want some peace and quiet while looking at nature, the southern highlands have something for everyone


If you’re looking for a adrenaline rush, Skydiving is always a popular activity. The Southern Highlands offers some of the best in New Zealand, with scenic jumps from low altitude to high altitude.

There are plenty of operators throughout the region, so you can find something that suits your interests and budget. Some places also offer tandem skydiving, which is an excellent way to see the area from a different perspective.


The southern highlands are a great place to bike. There are plenty of scenic routes to take and the weather is usually pretty nice.

Some of the best biking trails include the Ausable River Trail, the Mohawk Trail, and the Highland Lakes Trail. All three of these trails run through some beautiful forests and lakes.

There are also plenty of shorter routes that you can take if you just want to explore some of the area’s attractions. For example, you can ride down to the village of Adirondack on the Mohawk Trail. or go for a ride up to Minnewaska State Park on the Ausable River Trail.

Skiing or snowboarding

Looking for a fun winter activity to keep you entertained? Check out skiing or snowboarding in the southern highlands! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skier or snowboarder, there are plenty of options in the area to choose from. Here are six of our favorite spots:

1) Jackson Hole Ski Resort: Jackson is known for its incredible scenery and mighty mountains, and its ski resort is no exception. With over 45 acres of skiing terrain, there’s something for everyone at Jackson Hole Ski Resort.

2) Teton Village Ski Area: Teton Village is another great option if you’re looking for a big mountain ski experience. With more than 100 acres of skiing terrain, you’ll have plenty of room to explore.

3) Bridger Bowl Ski Resort: If you’re looking for some intermediate-level skiing or snowboarding, Bridger Bowl is the perfect spot for you. With over 50 miles of trails and five slopes, it’s easy to find your favorite spot.

4) East Side Ski Area: If you’re looking for a smaller ski area with lots of charm,East Side is definitely worth checking out. With just over 25 miles of trails and five slopes available, it won’t take long to find your favorite ride.

5) Snow King Mountain Resort: Snow King offers a unique experience that isn’t found at other ski resorts. Located in the Rockies, Snow King features both alpine and backcountry skiing terrain.

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